Buying a 2005 Ford GT for My Collection? To Join My New GT

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Would the first generation Ford GT be a great addition to the Shmeemobiles? With my growing collection of Fords in the Shmeemobiles, I've often thought about adding the original GT to my new GT, Shelby GT500 and Heritage Focus RS. Let's go for a test drive!
During this tour, I've been really looking forward to getting behind the wheel again of an original Ford GT; launched in 2004 to celebrate Ford's 100th anniversary, and of course the middle-step generation between the original 1960s GT40 and the more recent second generation GT. I last drove one quite a number of years ago but it always stuck with me as a possible addition to the garage in future.
Safe to say that prices have increased since the car first launched, commanding almost double the original list price to find one now. However, this particular example that belongs to a close friend of mine is a great spec in the white and blue paint, with "all 4" of the factory options; paint stripes, painted calipers, sound system and upgrade wheels.
While the new GT features a lightning fast dual clutch linked to a twin turbo V6, the previous is totally different with a manual gearbox and a supercharged V8. Visually there are a lot of similarities in the design, but the 05/06 is much more a comfortable daily driver or grand tourer, whereas the 17 is all about the race track and success story at the 24hrs of Le Mans.
It's not the most powerful car in the world, but it's certainly a very emotive car to drive with huge amounts of engagement in the experience. From a collection standpoint, there's a big appeal in how it could fit in my line-up so it's certainly one for me to watch in the future.
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:55 Walkaround
04:37 Test Drive
12:22 Interior
15:37 Wrap Up
#Ford #FordGT #WheresShmee

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Punkawat Khempattanachai
Punkawat Khempattanachai 12 päivää sitten
Make an offer to Doug’s GT.
Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson 24 päivää sitten
Tinted Vision
Tinted Vision 28 päivää sitten
Western Slav
Western Slav 28 päivää sitten
You bought 3 top-end cars in the space of 1 week. Do you have a money tree or something
cbearabc 28 päivää sitten
You do the best review when you are driving. You and Harry both do so well while you are driving, almost get the feel for the car? 😎
Ernie P
Ernie P Uukausi sitten
Wow didn't know FIpost could pay so much
wiggo Uukausi sitten
You don't have to say trunk or hood just because you're in America. You wouldn't say the equivalent in Chinese, you're British, your audience is the same wherever you go
January Morris
January Morris Uukausi sitten
That car is great, it's one of those that on paper ticks all the boxes and looks great but is very impractical. I don't blame you for wanting one!
casualobserver77 Uukausi sitten
Gulf Livery FTW
Dan Uukausi sitten
An 05 GT paired with your, GT , GT500, & Focus RS would be mega. Maybe add one classic Shelby to cap the Ford collection.
David Billberg
David Billberg Uukausi sitten
Why not look on Autotempest for one? Then you can 2 cars back to the UK!
Aileen Nepomuceno
Aileen Nepomuceno Uukausi sitten
sure you can shmee
Aileen Nepomuceno
Aileen Nepomuceno Uukausi sitten
shmee be careful when driving
Aileen Nepomuceno
Aileen Nepomuceno Uukausi sitten
i like your watch shmee
Aileen Nepomuceno
Aileen Nepomuceno Uukausi sitten
buy me the 2021 version of the ford gt
SPECIAL EDITION Uukausi sitten
So how does this man make money?
Joolz1982 Uukausi sitten
Turning off traction control in my GT86 scares me, never mind a Ford GT with no traction control at all!
Canna Ami
Canna Ami Uukausi sitten
Armando The gamer/12
Armando The gamer/12 Uukausi sitten
How come you never get sponsors for your videos?
TheAMGguy63 Uukausi sitten
Dude how much money you got lol
Megumi T
Megumi T Uukausi sitten
100 in the left front light is a very nice detail!
Afdal Asadullah
Afdal Asadullah Uukausi sitten
Richard Reich
Richard Reich Uukausi sitten
last time i looked it drove clarkson over the mountain with insanity
Zander 63
Zander 63 Uukausi sitten
Love the 05 Ford GT, you should buy it 😍
Snake eye gaming
Snake eye gaming Uukausi sitten
It looks like just stradman's old ford gt but he sold it
Nevin Mendes
Nevin Mendes Uukausi sitten
Its the best investment....! Value for money
Tyler Cai
Tyler Cai Uukausi sitten
Nathan Payne
Nathan Payne Uukausi sitten
This exact spec was the very first supercar I ever seen I still love this car I’m gonna have to get one
paula Hernández
paula Hernández Uukausi sitten
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Person .W
Person .W Uukausi sitten
This thread is just bots.
Ferdrick Peter
Ferdrick Peter Uukausi sitten
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Sophia Gray
Sophia Gray Uukausi sitten
Can't stop trading with her, i don't care about what they say.
Fairfax Chapman
Fairfax Chapman Uukausi sitten
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Violet Read
Violet Read Uukausi sitten
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Mark Tierney
Mark Tierney Uukausi sitten
I’m just responding to the title of this and nothing else. YES! If you can buy one of these and maintain it. Again, YES!
Furman O'Dell
Furman O'Dell Uukausi sitten
Great car, iconic. Should be part of any good car collection.
Gregorious Anomalous
Gregorious Anomalous Uukausi sitten
I do appreciate your channel Shmee, very much. I will vote Yes for adding this model to your wonderful collection. I could easily look this up for clarification, but I will challenge my memory and say that the driver's side door configuration is called the, "Gurney door" because Dan Gurney, one of the original drivers of the GT~40 at LeMans in the 60s, was quite taller than his co-drivers. So, the engineers designed the door to make it easier for him to get his tall, and lanky body in and out of the car more easily and quickly during driver changes.
Nawashi Dub
Nawashi Dub Uukausi sitten
I wish I could find a 15 year old manual for $250K... From what I see they're all easily $80k+ more!
PyroMotteFullHD Uukausi sitten
I love the oldschool design. Perfect car.
Luis Roig
Luis Roig Uukausi sitten
Was that Stradmans ( James ) old car.?
WIGGY 78 Uukausi sitten
If I ever won the lotto one of these beauty's will be in my collection that's for sure
Peter Pain
Peter Pain Uukausi sitten
You especially should defo buy! Which car to sell for this - AM? In fact start an import business. Also... Was thinking.. Do you and Doug get on? :) Why haven't you visited him? !!
Shaun Elliott
Shaun Elliott Uukausi sitten
Stunning car.👍
Bill Woods
Bill Woods Uukausi sitten
I like this model over the new one tbh, so I say go for it!
Mohammed Al Janahi
Mohammed Al Janahi Uukausi sitten
My dream car 😍
Ian Mason
Ian Mason Uukausi sitten
Its like an education on wheels :)
bowlerwildcatGaming2016 Uukausi sitten
Buy one and match it to your new GT
Stephanos Papayiannis
Stephanos Papayiannis Uukausi sitten
Looks like the one Stradman had a while back before he sold it
gothemi89 Uukausi sitten
You're buying the stradman GT
INZYPLAYS Uukausi sitten
Who had this toy car when you’re kid
Sameer Uukausi sitten
*LFA* Investment as well as a joy to drive
djmbex Uukausi sitten
Mr D
Mr D Uukausi sitten
Everyone has different tastes, The GT has never been my bag really, I am big on Ferrari and love there physical design. But I have great respect for the GT and I'm super stoked for Shmee, He looks so happy round his GT and that is the best thing of all. Hope you enjoy enjoy enjoy....(:
1999 Prince
1999 Prince Uukausi sitten
Old school Ford GT is away better than previous one.
Juan Briones
Juan Briones Uukausi sitten
Tim you should get a gt350 too after you get the GT if you do decide to get it, you can start a Ford specialty collection all the cool fords
DavisDiamondHilton Uukausi sitten
Best spec for a '05 Ford GT!
A b
A b Uukausi sitten
its from stradman
BikeTour Uukausi sitten
This car still looks stunning in this day and age. Endless beauty indeed!
rebojtube Uukausi sitten
Some many cars so little time. Go Shmee
mentionedskink Uukausi sitten
The GTX1 is the one to go!
Tyler Moore
Tyler Moore Uukausi sitten
Holy smokes. I know exactly where he is driving! The stop sign where he makes a right use to be a popular place to party in high school. 5 miles north of town. Wow that was crazy...
Tyler Moore
Tyler Moore Uukausi sitten
Where he starts the drive, behind him is about 10 plus miles of really fun road. I use to drive it weekly. Wow wow wow how cool
valas theman
valas theman Uukausi sitten
What a LEGEND this car is..But Shmee just take the LFA the with best sounding V10 ever made
Zach J.
Zach J. Uukausi sitten
Not for $330,000.00
BMW M2 Uukausi sitten
The GT could be a neat addition to the collection. If you got that, you might consider a 1966 Mustang GT350 to round it out.
Jaya S
Jaya S Uukausi sitten
A beast in your garage!, (from india)
j Walster
j Walster Uukausi sitten
Dude, this car has more carbs than a McDonald's burger!
Hieu Tuning Blog
Hieu Tuning Blog Uukausi sitten
is it strad's old gt?
Jesse B
Jesse B Uukausi sitten
I would Love to see older cars in your Collection
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious Uukausi sitten
Just watched Ford v. Ferrari the other day. Fantastic movie.
wayne burgess
wayne burgess Uukausi sitten
DetailXPerts Uukausi sitten
Great choice!!! Love this!!!
Jake Payne
Jake Payne Uukausi sitten
How many people have actually had their head sliced off in one of these?
chay nivens
chay nivens Uukausi sitten
Is that stradmans old Ford GT that he sold
Thomas Carrel
Thomas Carrel Uukausi sitten
I would be hilarious if you were to find Jeremy Clarkson's old car...
hyper Uukausi sitten
You need to drive some old Mopar stuff. Can't just have a classic mustang. Gota have some Mopar!!!!
elon muchiri
elon muchiri Uukausi sitten
Shmee looking like a saucy Bill Gates in that thumbnail fr 😂
The Dude
The Dude Uukausi sitten
Tim always the businessman,investing in a rare ford GT,and later when it goes up in value going to make some serious dosh jejejeje
Ash Blythe
Ash Blythe Uukausi sitten
"Driver and car connected together" we miss that :(
Kumuda Viji
Kumuda Viji Uukausi sitten
Is this stradmans gt
Lazim Riza
Lazim Riza Uukausi sitten
Was it once owned by stradman?????? Coz he had the same thing
Lazim Riza
Lazim Riza Uukausi sitten
I think its the one strad had
R.Manson Uukausi sitten
Better choise than the new one
The Wink
The Wink Uukausi sitten
HACKD 69 Uukausi sitten
You'll never regret your purchase
Roost Fezza
Roost Fezza Uukausi sitten
I think you could do a lot worse than grabbing one of these! It has a sense of practicality about it without all the modern electronics. Perhaps a Shelby Cobra would be a nice touch to the ford collection too?
Jxian Uukausi sitten
ken miles
Kal Am I
Kal Am I Uukausi sitten
I can't stop to notice the 100 in the headlight when i see a gt
Nuno Sousa
Nuno Sousa Uukausi sitten
Margus Sakk
Margus Sakk Uukausi sitten
It's cool but it feels like every second shmee vid is about him "buying" a new car?😂
Peter H
Peter H Uukausi sitten
Every and Every day reliable and Fun car content👌 Hugh respect ✊😊
Sparkplug Barrens
Sparkplug Barrens Uukausi sitten
Really enjoyed this in NFS Most Wanted 😄
n0neya Uukausi sitten
Spoiler alert!! He doesn’t buy the car! He just talks about “One day” owning one! Guy is just a click “Masterbator!” 😂😂
chill bruh
chill bruh Uukausi sitten
Matthijs N
Matthijs N Uukausi sitten
Whether possible or not, trying to paint match it to your 2018 GT with the red and gold would be something very awesome
Bazooka Uukausi sitten
how u collect all these mony ? u just car reviewer
Marnix Moné
Marnix Moné Uukausi sitten
I totally get that the GT40 is a beautifull analog supercar. But if you really want the most recent, dont forget about the beautifull Noble M600! Mine all time favourite modern supercar
dj grace
dj grace Uukausi sitten
@shmee150' sir I think you should buy the old Shelby gt500 and the old focus RS with 2005 Ford GT this will make the trio of old fords, and also you have the trio of the new fords.
Shilo Mizrahi
Shilo Mizrahi Uukausi sitten
Ford gt’s always were aero based! Even the first one So it makes sense all gens will be aero based more then hp base
BTV Media
BTV Media Uukausi sitten
Buy it 👍🏼👍🏼
I am The one
I am The one Uukausi sitten
Now put a hemi V8 in it 😎
Summed Future9
Summed Future9 Uukausi sitten
Just do it
MRTWINTURBO88 Uukausi sitten
I live in Southern California and have the pleasure of getting to drive one of these beasts. These are the best drivers cars.. raw, visceral, looks to kill, and pedigree like no other. You should join the Ford GT Forum on line and do some research if you’re serious.. lots of knowledge from owners there. Good luck and you won’t be disappointed! NFGT stuff on the forum too!
john philip empeynado
john philip empeynado Uukausi sitten
Buy clarkson's ford GT. 😁
Yefta Lionheart
Yefta Lionheart Uukausi sitten
Is that strad’s gt?
2019 Saad
2019 Saad Uukausi sitten
Shmee that was your grill friend and where you from you have family
Zyworski Uukausi sitten
The windows do not open all the way so the white spec is the way to go if you are in a warm area of the country.
Loraxe72 Uukausi sitten
Is that the stradmans old car?
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