Bye Bye Shelby GT500!
21 päivä sitten
Matthew T
Matthew T Tunti sitten
Love the GT4 but really needs Exhaust
Nabil Ashkar
Nabil Ashkar Tunti sitten
Hi Shmee I’m guys
1999 Prince
1999 Prince Tunti sitten
Only Lamborghini can challenge Ferrari in auto sports cars world.
Alex AR
Alex AR 2 tuntia sitten
Te hace falta aprender español jajaja
Dave Scott
Dave Scott 2 tuntia sitten
mayur kumar
mayur kumar 2 tuntia sitten
Long live the V12 🙌
Shay 2 tuntia sitten
Two of my favorite cars from your collection. Instand like
kent krl
kent krl 3 tuntia sitten
buggati chiron lego version is faster than this.
raminu christy
raminu christy 3 tuntia sitten
shmee150 learning about aero, and this is not your fastest lap time... THIS IS HIS LAP TIME
Psalm 3713
Psalm 3713 3 tuntia sitten
TESLA has entered the chat......
Psalm 3713
Psalm 3713 3 tuntia sitten
Corvette owners sad because their brand new babies can't beat older Fords.
clean00 3 tuntia sitten
Donno why but doesn't look good in grey
Luke Slater
Luke Slater 3 tuntia sitten
This car would be AN ABSOLUTE BEAST😱😳.
MOV Clips
MOV Clips 3 tuntia sitten
The guy in the lambo is like “It’s ok I’m fine, what day is this?”
Beastyy 4 tuntia sitten
The rear bumper of the car looks like they attached a 370z Nismo front bumper
Ploopr 4 tuntia sitten
Ploopr 4 tuntia sitten
woman moment
Sam Walling
Sam Walling 4 tuntia sitten
Man if I could live a day in Tim’s life 🙏🏽
MyDummy Developer
MyDummy Developer 4 tuntia sitten
idiot lambo. high speed in small road
Nich Hodge
Nich Hodge 4 tuntia sitten
The Zonda R and it’s successor the Zonda Revaluation are absolutely monsters and setting Nurburgring lap records for their class. The Huyra BC was my favourite street car until the Pagani Imola came out. Not only does this guy own a Huyra BC he has it in my favourite colour the blue cartanium (the unique carbon fibre and titanium mix that Pagani use to make the Huyra BC & Zonda R) with the exposed black cartanium. I picked that colour for my Huyra and Zonda R in Gran Turismo 5 on my Playstation. The Huyra has been out now for a while now and I want to see the next car as I loved the Zonda road cars but now I prefer the Huyra
mdub048 5 tuntia sitten
I love the GT4, but the Aston is wild. P.S. I'll take the PDK in the GT4.
Nolan McCord
Nolan McCord 5 tuntia sitten
Nobody understands this is a supercar vs a muscle car
affilinet 5 tuntia sitten
the wheels look way too small for the car dont you think
Anthony Okoye
Anthony Okoye 5 tuntia sitten
Please how do I get to purchase the Brabus 800
Sucio 5 tuntia sitten
Se avento el aventador!
Ratnakirti Paudel
Ratnakirti Paudel 5 tuntia sitten
You are the first to briing a SENNA wow! Actually do you know how many SENNA's have been om the nurburgring.
Yael Hernàndez
Yael Hernàndez 5 tuntia sitten
Henry 6 tuntia sitten
There was definitely a car space there this guy just sucks at driving
Bill Gold
Bill Gold 6 tuntia sitten
What does it proffit a man to gain the whole world, but loose his own soul. Choose Jesus soon...... Time is running out................. . Nice collection of cars.
Gennadiy Lanin
Gennadiy Lanin 6 tuntia sitten
Good cars BUT very Bad organization !!!! Bed videos and can’t see any Results 👎
Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro 6 tuntia sitten
Thats clearly ForzaH4
Mikhael Xylon
Mikhael Xylon 6 tuntia sitten
Ratnakirti Paudel
Ratnakirti Paudel 6 tuntia sitten
In my country the taxes are 225 % of the originial price tag of a car, so I have only seen 10 supercars in my lifetime while travelling around the world. And there is not a single car assembly factory in my country, so we have do depend on India or China to bring our cars from abroad or bring their countries cars.
ClashWChris 6 tuntia sitten
The Lamborghini has the right of way , speeding or not that mazda I think purposely turned into it . It was doing like a 15 mph turn u gunna tell me he didn’t see the car 😂😂
Ratnakirti Paudel
Ratnakirti Paudel 6 tuntia sitten
Legend's watching this video after 3 years.
Christian Frorup
Christian Frorup 6 tuntia sitten
Great car and enjoyed the video. Amazing machinery for the might Ring! The question is what type of car is to the left of the Porsche, in white and body kit, at the end the video?
Boomerang-Digital 6 tuntia sitten
Some of the most intense aero I've seen from Ferrari!
samspace81 6 tuntia sitten
Sweet thanks for the tour, two of my favorite FIpostrs and car guys
Cris Viguer
Cris Viguer 6 tuntia sitten
No way kid! The real Lambo Sian is the one that youtuber Supercar Blondie tried. Look at this. Your Lambo is not that good ... sorry
Ricardo Mochikawa
Ricardo Mochikawa 7 tuntia sitten
Absolutely fabulous! I never would expect this final.
Andrew Woods
Andrew Woods 7 tuntia sitten
How does shmee do an entire video without every stopping for a breath and never forgets any details?
Phil B
Phil B 2 tuntia sitten
Because Shmee
DAVID 7 tuntia sitten
The Honda Acura NSX is trending on FIpost currently very stylish looking and much more affordable japanese made supercar
KLASIKS 7 tuntia sitten
7:09 shmee always says "he says if i can find the catch" he says that everytime hes opening an engine bay cover of any car,what i want to know is who is this he who says that lol........great video as usual
Ricky Lazare
Ricky Lazare 7 tuntia sitten
Plural of vortex?
Life 7 tuntia sitten
It’s really an Italian beauty .
pigeonsplayz 7 tuntia sitten
When she think ahe in need for speed
Vincent Wilkes
Vincent Wilkes 7 tuntia sitten
Next time, please get the shmee off the windscreen~
Ed venuto
Ed venuto 7 tuntia sitten
If it not corvette i dont want it
Carspotter SD
Carspotter SD 8 tuntia sitten
@novitecgroup need to build up one of these
Bully Garage
Bully Garage 8 tuntia sitten
Great video shmee I have also started my own FIpost channel here from Australia, I hope one day it could grow a quarter of the size of your channel
Ethics Underground
Ethics Underground 8 tuntia sitten
It looks like a viper.
James Pierre III
James Pierre III 8 tuntia sitten
WOW....why would they fake that¿??? Bad for business 😔😔😔😔. SCOOBY¡!!! JONESTOWN¿!!
anonymous only
anonymous only 8 tuntia sitten
Anthony Ruvalcaba
Anthony Ruvalcaba 9 tuntia sitten
He wasn't speeding. It seems fast cause the camera is stationary. Are we just assuming he was speeding because it's a lambo? It's the other guys fault 100%
FaZe Kevin
FaZe Kevin 9 tuntia sitten
DepresssedChild_ 9 tuntia sitten
I laughed when the woman got out of the Aventador😆😆
Chicha 9 tuntia sitten
не у бмв-а курво
Abdulrahman Al Shuaibi
Abdulrahman Al Shuaibi 9 tuntia sitten
What an aggressive looking car...cannot wait to hear it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Thanks Shmee for all the hardwork you are doing.. indeed you are no 1 automotive all the way from Qatar ❤🇶🇦❤
MR HMD 9 tuntia sitten
Congratulations Shmee. The color is gleaming
Bill Granddaddy
Bill Granddaddy 9 tuntia sitten
Nobody does a supercar review like Shmee!
Ultra_ Sonic
Ultra_ Sonic 9 tuntia sitten
That poor lambo your bank acc would just dirt
Super Luxury Lifestyle
Super Luxury Lifestyle 9 tuntia sitten
Korny 9 tuntia sitten
sheeeesh hope that BMW was okay
StevenGamble55 9 tuntia sitten
It looks great from the side and back but the styling looks a little ‘harsh’ from the front. I’d still give a testicle to own one 😂. The Aperta is different gravy 🔥🔥🔥
Mohamad Hidayat
Mohamad Hidayat 10 tuntia sitten
Maybe good that 😎
Steve Kgaogelo
Steve Kgaogelo 10 tuntia sitten
Can't wait for the 812 superfast replacement
Zay 10 tuntia sitten
Man why do people drive expensive cars so stupid if i was in a car that Expensive I’d be driving careful asf
Mortaza Arezov
Mortaza Arezov 10 tuntia sitten
funny how almost everyone ran towards the lamborghini owner..while the ford car was hit harder.. stupid people when they see something expensive and rich or famous or whatever
Jolanta Hofman
Jolanta Hofman 10 tuntia sitten
Henessey the best
Dsman 10 tuntia sitten
Hello Tim, Why didn't they let you drive the car? Someone watching today's content is a future buyer.....Absolutely and you have giving them a cheaper publicity than on a Formula 1 circuit or in a News paper magazine. Have a nice stay in Italy
mpho molete
mpho molete 10 tuntia sitten
Besides youtube what tf does Shmee do for a living because, i swear he has like 20 cars, unless he comes from money ?? (Anybody)
AlphaZyroGaming 10 tuntia sitten
Me and the boys on Gta 5
Indika Jepara
Indika Jepara 10 tuntia sitten
Different name and price
3Storms 11 tuntia sitten
I am sure it performs like a proper monster, but aesthetically it's not the prettiest car Ferrari has right now (especially in the rear).
Joey Michaels
Joey Michaels 11 tuntia sitten
Other car at fault. But wouldn’t have been a crash if the lambo wasn’t speeding
masaudulawal 11 tuntia sitten
Makes my bad day feel insignificant
タカケン チャンネル
タカケン チャンネル 11 tuntia sitten
Jessica Laforme
Jessica Laforme 11 tuntia sitten
Now you just need the big brother (gt 12) and that would be sick